Expertise derived from real-world experience

At Vortex, we are passionate about creating safer, more efficient aviation organizations. We entered this arena of the aviation industry for one reason: to help our clients achieve the highest levels of safety, efficiency and profitability.

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Tailored Aviation Solutions on a Global scale

Tailored Aviation Solutions on a Global scale

We understand there are no off-the-shelf products that can be applied in the same manner to every organization.
Because of our global aviation knowledge and experience, we have the unique ability to bring you solutions customized to the size and complexity of your individual organization. We can help you get your operations off the ground, or improve your safety and efficiency, regardless of how much or how little of the critical components you already have in place.

expertise derived from real-world experience

Expertise derived from real-world experience

Vortex is comprised of industry professionals with more than 30 years of experience in aviation. Our experts have been trusted by world leaders and dignitaries, having managed and run Head of State, VVIP and VIP operations, as well as scheduled, freight and charter operations. We have tangible experience at deploying systems, processes, plans and projects that are tailored to an organization's individual requirements. Plus, we guarantee principal involvement at all stages.

protecting your most valuable assets

protecting your most valuable assets

We know the difference between what works best in theory and what works best in practice. All Vortex staff members have extensive knowledge and real-world experience in their field of expertise. It is that experience that allows us to provide our clients with safer solutions, resulting in less downtime and the protection of valuable assets: your equipment, your profitability and your people.

Top safety systems to enhance your bottom line

Top safety systems to enhance your bottom line

By providing the most effective solutions bespoke to your organization, we are able to perfectly blend safety with the bottom line. We also offer a unique, flexible approach to defining your specific requirements, allowing us to work around your daily schedule. We work discreetly in the background, making improvements to your organization without disrupting your ability to perform your job.

Helping the best get better

Helping the best get better

At Vortex, we understand the financial limitations facing most operators. This allows us to maximize your current resources, allowing your organization or department to reach its highest potential. We have the experience and expertise to work with you to determine which solutions will allow you to meet your specific requirements and compliance.

World Class aviation solutions

World Class aviation solutions

Whether you're in need of expert SMS services, organizational business consulting or aircraft acquisition, our staff has vast experience in all areas of corporate, schedule and freight operations. Our collective experience includes a deep understanding of fixed-wing and rotary-wing operations as well as safety systems.

Our People

Vortex is comprised of industry professionals with more than 30 years of experience in aviation. Our experts have been trusted by world leaders and dignitaries, having managed and run Head of State, VVIP and VIP operations, as well as scheduled, freight and charter operations. We have tangible experience at deploying systems, processes, plans and projects that are tailored to an organization's individual requirements. Plus, we guarantee principal involvement at all stages.


We collaborate and co-operate with organizations worldwide including the following.

Gary Gennari

Gary has over 20 years of experience in the private aircraft charter industry. With a specific focus on sales and business development, he has worked with small, medium and large organizations providing on-demand charter as well as fractional ownership and jet card services. He has a proven track record of identifying business opportunities, cultivating relationships and building a high-calibre client network.

Linda Nicol

Linda has over 25 years of aviation experience both fixed and rotary wing in private operations and regulators all over the globe.

Her expertise is safety management system implementation and auditing is well known throughout the industry.

Linda has been involved in aviation operations in the Middle East for the last 6 years and is currently assisting a military force to design and implement its own defence safety system.

As an ISBAO and IOSA auditor she has audited airlines and operators worldwide from North Korea to Brittany. She holds a Masters in Science & Technology - Aviation as well as a number of world recognised aviation, project management and leadership qualifications.

Linda is the Vice Chair of the Gulf Flight Safety Committee the only regional aviation body that meets regularly with the purpose of increasing flight safety in the region.

Darrell Herrera

Senior Associate

For more than 25 years, Darrell Herrera has combined a strong culture of safety with an uncompromising approach to customer service that has led to a very successful career in the aviation industry. He brings a broad base of global flight operation experience and effective leadership that has benefitted the organizations he has worked for including Motorola and Motorola Mobility.

He has worked every aspect of flight operations from Flight Dispatcher to Director of Aviation. While working, he also furthered developed his skills by securing an FAA Aircraft Dispatchers License, a Commercial Pilots License with an instrument rating and serving on the NBAA Schedulers and Dispatchers committee. His strong commitment and dedication to his profession has earned him the trust and respect of the people he has supported throughout his career.
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Stephanie Brewer

Stephanie has many years experience in the oil & gas, retail, food and hospitality industries with an emphasis on marketing, sales, training and customer satisfaction. The majority of her professional work experience has been in progressive marketing, sales and administrative roles and she has extensive experience supporting CEO's and other high-level executives planning events and meetings.

Stephanie has written for E&P Magazine and has assisted many Oil and Gas companies through online subscriptions, client requests, conference planning, research, contract procurement, direct marketing, mailings and dispersion of information to members. These experiences allow Stephanie to effectively communicate with Vortex clients to ensure they have the latest information in the aviation industry.

Dr. Mark Pierotti

Avisa Gulf

Dr. Pierotti has been in the aviation industry for 25 years, starting his career with British Airways as an Aircraft Engineering student in London then working as an Aircraft Engineer for the Airline. He then went on to work in senior technical & operational roles for Garuda Airlines, Emirates Airlines as well as the Amiri Flight Abu Dhabi (The UAE Presidential Flight) where he spent 12 years in a senior role.

After his first degree at London he went onto complete his MBA at Edinburgh then back to London, City University to complete his PhD in Air Transport Engineering & Air Transport Management. He also holds a Fellowship of the Royal Aeronautical Society of Great Britain & continues to be a part time professor at City University London, teaching the Masters Degrees in Air Transport Management, Air Transport Safety & Aircraft Maintenance Management.

In 2009 Dr. Pierotti started Al Jaber Aviation LLC (AJA private jets) the UAE AOC / AMO & continues to run AJA today as the COO & Accountable Manager. Read More >>

Carriere & Little Aviation Business Attorneys

Carriere & Littles' understanding of and proven success in aviation law is unmatched by any other law firm. Our talented team of transactional aviation attorneys delivers groundbreaking legal services to our clients' unique foreign and domestic aviation and aerospace needs.

Aviation is one of the most highly regulated industries in the world today. As such, our clients require a demonstrated team of aviation attorneys to produce results, mitigate risks, and ensure their continued success.

Carriere & Littles' aviation practice centers on business transactions, mergers and acquisitions of aviation businesses, airports, and aircraft assets, aircraft leasing and financing, air carrier and repair center certification, defense and government contracting opportunities, portfolio disposals, and aviation regulatory matters, on a world-wide basis. In addition, our strategic and collaborative-approach allows us to manage a comprehensive range of aviation-related concentrations including equipment utilization, risk management planning and strategy, insurance, litigation, equipment financing, taxation, labor and employment, international trade and export controls.

Emanuel Anton

Emanuel Anton has a varied international business practice, serving a broad range of midsize aviation and aerospace businesses and the high net worth families who depend on them. Mr. Anton has, over his career, represented a broad range of clients in numerous industries assisting them on a wide array of transactional matters and deals, regulatory issues, and litigation matters.

Mr. Anton is a deal maker with experience in industry "rollups" having represented private buyers and sellers and mid-cap companies in development of market leadership enterprises, FAA Part 135 air carrier certifications, FAA Part 23 aircraft type certification, mergers and acquisitions, cross border transactions, disposition of non-strategic businesses and assets, and management-sponsored leveraged buyouts in transactions throughout the United States, Central America, Europe, Middle East, and in Africa. He has also been involved in strategic alliance transactions involving acquisitive entity formations, joint ventures and long term contractual relationships. Mr. Anton has represented investors and early state technology companies in a wide variety of venture capital and equity financings, and venture formation and structure, distressed situations and opportunities.

Sue Carriere

Sue Carriere's legal practice provides comprehensive legal services to support the transactional and operational needs of her business aviation clients. Often her services concentrate on designing and structuring business aviation related agreements, businesses, and ownership entities to meet clients' objectives which most often include (1) focusing on FAA and DOT compliance and (2) the minimization of both liability and taxes related to business aviation ownership and operations. As such, Sue is able to provide complete solutions which meet her clients' business as well as business aviation objectives. She is experienced in drafting and negotiating all business aviation related agreements, e.g., purchase and sale, management, maintenance, charter and lease agreements, as well as preparing all documentation related to aircraft title, liens, security interests, and registration. Her clients range from company flight departments, individual business jet owners, and aviation government contractors, to management companies and aircraft brokers.

Ty Little

Ty specializes in the following areas of business aviation: regulatory (FAA/DOT regulations and compliance); registration (title, liens and security interests); and transactions (aircraft purchases, sales, leases and financings). Ty brings all of his specialties together to ensure the ownership and operation of business aircraft (1) minimizes liability, (2) complies with FAA and DOT requirements, and (3) minimizes taxes and maximizes tax deductions.

Ty has a passion for business aviation. He holds an Airline Transport Pilot license, the highest level of aircraft pilot certification, and is a licensed attorney, focusing his efforts on business aviation. Ty has logged over 4000 hours of flight time in the domestic and international aviation system. He brings a wealth of "hands on" experience and understanding to create practical solutions to business aircraft owners and operators.

Captain Francois Lassale

Managing Director

Francois has over 20 years of flying experience in various aircraft types combined with global management and training experience in large medium and small organizations in the US, Europe and the Middle East.

Francois has experience in military, airline, charter, VIP, and Head of State operations, with a proven track record of implementing performance and safety improvements in organizations throughout the aviation sector. Trusted by dignitaries and world leaders Francois is positioning Vortex to be a provider of 'world-class aviation solutions', based on 'real experien ce and comprehensive services'
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Spencer Sparrow,CPA

Managing Director Finance and Procurement

Spencer's experience includes the public accounting sector, performing financial statement audits on companies ranging from multi-billion dollar publicly-traded corporations to small independent retailers, as well as working internally in the accounting department for a publicly-traded oil and gas exploration and production company. With Vortex's projected product expansion into aircraft acquisitions and procurement, Spencer's finance expertise ideally places Vortex in a strong position to help our clients procure, sell, finance, insure or lease their aircraft.
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George Duncan

Director South East Asia

With over 28 years experience as a pilot and aviation training specialist, George was well placed to start his own aviation training company in 1998. George has established himself a world-wide reputation for excellence and quality in the field of Human Factors Training, and has worked tirelessly over the last 13 years designing and delivering programs aimed specifically at reducing Human Error in aviation. The prime focus of George's efforts has been "Save Lives, Save Aircraft, Save Money".
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Nigel Johnstone

Senior Associate

Nigel is an established Commercial Aviation Consultant specializing in the creation of ground support departments and infrastructure for flying operations. He is a regulatory compliance expert and has over 30 years of commercial aviation experience working for International carriers in the USA, Europe and the Middle East. During the last 6 years of aviation consultancy Nigel has been a key member of airline start up teams (AOC application) for 4 new airlines, which included pure cargo to long haul and low cost carriers and one all business class carrier.

Nigel also specializes in IT support infrastructure including Electronic Flight Bags (EFB) and Electronic Data Libraries (EDL). Nigel brings a wealth of experience complementing the Vortex team, enabling us to provide our clients with world-class aviation solutions, based on real experience.

(Geia) Geirthrudur Alfredsdottir

Senior Associate

With over 26 years of experience in aviation, Geia possesses a degree in Mechanical Engineering, an MBA and is currently undertaking her MSc in Air Transport Management. Geia's background includes the Head of Flight Operations for the ICAA (Iceland Civil Aviation Authority), a Quality Inspector at Iceland Air, Chairman of the Iceland AAIB (Aircraft Accident Investigation Board) and Director of Operations at the (ICG) Icelandic Coast Guard.

Her credentials also include being a consultant to the Ministry of Transport, a First Officer and Captain on the F27, F50, B737. Additionally she is a current Captain on B757 / B767 with Iceland Air. Geia brings a vast amount of knowledge and skills to the Vortex team exemplifying the Vortex goal of 'bringing world-class aviation solutions through real experience and comprehensive services'.

David Warren

Senior Associate

David has served over 20 years working as a policy maker, safety management expert and professional military leader and aviator. Currently working with a major worldwide helicopter manufacturer to implement the safety programme for their new military aircraft, he has been trusted by governments to provide operational assurance and management in Europe, the Middle-East and Africa.

A specialist in Programme and Project Management, Safety Management System production and implementation, Operational Audits, Safety Case design and all aspects of a modern Flight Safety Assurance process.

Sean O'Hara

Senior Associate

Sean brings a wealth of Worldwide Operational Management experience to the Vortex team. With a strong Engineering and Quality background he maintains both UK CAA AandC and FAA AandP licenses and has held Operations QA Management roles in several companies developing and strengthening QA and SMS system implementation.

His flying career spans over 30 years and is licensed on many types including Boeing 737, 757, 767 and GIV. Sean has held Fleet Management, Chief Pilot and Acting VP OPS positions in addition to his current role as a Boeing 737 Training Captain with a World leading Head of State/VVIP operation.

Sean shares the VORTEX core corporate values of enhancing Flight Safety by developing and implementing solution driven applications within the Safety Management Systems framework.

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